New beginnings

After talking the talk for some years, I’m finally going to make some wine this year. All of this thanks to my friend Fabio Bartolomei (of Vinos Ambiz fame), who is bearing with me, letting me use his bodega, and allowing me to buy grapes from his vineyards in Gredos. I’m of course one of those winelovers who thinks that after reading a lot about wine, and talking to innumerable winemakers, I have some ideas on how to make good wine. I know that’s a delusion, but many really good winemakers I’ve asked whether I should attend a winemaking course or school told me not to; just start and be curious, many of them said. That’s the only way to learn. So here goes. Into the deep.

I’ll be using this blog to document the process. Share my ideas and doubts, the failures and possibly even the successes. I hope to get some comments from people that actually know what they’re doing, but even if I don’t, it will still be valuable to me. And if I fail miserably, it will at least be fun for those people who can then say ‘we told you so’. And I’ll know where I went wrong next when trying it all again next year.

So. This year I will be trying to make two wines; a white based on Albillo real, and a red Garnacha. Both of them in low volumes, between 500 and 1000 litres each. I’m aiming for elegance and finesse. No flabby high alcohol monsters, if possible. And hopefully no vinegar either. I’ll go into more detail of the grapes and intended methods in the next posts. Wish me luck!


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