Good old Burgundy

You always return to your first love, they say. For me that’s classic white Burgundy. My love for good wine started when a friend blew me away with a Puligny Montrachet at a business dinner. For me that was the first time I’ve ever found so much going in a glass of fermented grape juice. This got me started in the direction I’m going right now, and who knows where it will lead.

Domaine Belleville

Domaine Belleville

I’ve had a craving for classic for a few days, so tonight I opened my second to last bottle of 2007 Domaine Belleville Rully 1er cru “La Pucelle”. It’s one of only a few bottles that I bought en primeur together with the same friend. The wine itself is all that good white Burgundy should be; complex and layered, making you work a little bit without hiding its quality. A lovely smokey cedar cigar box impression that is quite forward, intermingled with appetite whetting minerality, caramel, honey, tart apple and some aniseed. Really inviting to get stuck in.

Tastewise, it’s starting to integrate nicely. Good, juicy acidity as you’d expect with good Burgundy, coated in the rich body of the Côte Challonaise. There’s a fair bit of honey to be found, as well as some hazelnut bitters. Its minerality makes it an almost electric experience to drink, and the fresh and medium long finish makes you want to take another sip. And then another. All in all a wine that confirms the class that good Burgundy can have, even at non-ridiculous price point; this wine was around €13 en primeur.


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